Why Our Office Decided On Dentistry Without Amalgam

Many patients come to Dentistry NW requesting to upgrade their silver fillings. They want their outdated metal fillings taken out and exchanged with tooth colored fillings. People commonly cite esthetic and health considerations with their metal fillings. It’s a fact that the esthetics of your smile may be considerably enhanced using a far more natural, tooth colored restoration. In addition to this, there are several good reasons that explain why it’s a good idea to upgrade to a tooth-colored porcelain “filling” or maybe a resin composite filling.

Almost everything wears out, and your silver fillings will be no exception. They withstand stressful and heavy biting forces each day, and as they get older, they will split, leak and can also result in damaging fractures in the teeth. With time, metal amalgam fillings have the ability to soak up water, causing them to swell and break free from the tooth. At this point, your tooth is more at risk of tooth decay and sensitivity.

Mercury/Silver fillings have some negatives worth listing that ought to be thought of when it’s time to swap your restorations:

• Silver fillings are less esthetic than natural-colored fillings. Everyone agrees, they don’t look anything like real teeth.

• Amalgam grows and shrinks when subjected to cold and hot extremes in your mouth. The frequent expansion and shrinkage through temperature can initiate cracks and fractures in teeth. There will not be any kind of indicators for a while, yet these teeth can become very sensitive as the crack increases or opens if you bite down or chew. It is not unusual for patients to come in curious about how they broke their own tooth when they had been eating something soft like a banana or slice of bread. What they don’t know is that the tooth most likely had a crack in it well before it eventually came apart.

• Silver fillings under continuous chewing force are vulnerable to metal weakness or flexing and bending failure, a concept that can be understood and shown by continuously bending a paper clip until it breaks.

• Metal fillings are harder and less flexible than the teeth they’re pressed into. The longer they may be on the teeth, the greater force they will put on the remaining weak outer surfaces of the tooth bringing about cracks and fractures.

• Metal fillings aren’t cemented into the cavity. They only sit in the tooth and act under pressure to split the tooth apart, like a metal wedge is used to split logs for firewood.

• A minute gap surrounding the filling edge is present from the moment the silver filling is plugged into the tooth; and in this gap, continuous corrosion and leakage occurs. This unnoticeable gap is large enough to permit bacteria and food particles to enter in with time and lead to tooth decay at the border between the filling and the tooth. Composite fillings, however, are actually bonded to the tooth preparation area and seal the borders closed from bacterial invasion.

• To be able to prepare a tooth for a composite filling, the actual tooth can be treated a great deal more gently and with less healthy tooth structure needing to be removed. And therefore, the dentist can maintain the maximum amount of original tooth structure as possible.

• Silver fillings necessitate drilling undercuts (think carving out a pumpkin) as well as taking away more substantial good parts out from the tooth so as to keep the mercury amalgam repair from falling out since it is not attached directly to the tooth. These kinds of undercuts might also compromise the tooth as fillings get more substantial and relegate that particular tooth to subsequent fracture later on. These fractures may be significant leading to crowning the tooth to restore it or perhaps catastrophic fractures bringing about extraction of the tooth.

• Composites, with their chance to be conservative and using their gluelike qualities, may reinforce and guard against fracture. Through blocking the potential for fracture prior to going through the signs and symptoms of hot/cold sensitivity and also biting pain, completely new conservative treatments including natural-colored fillings or porcelain-bonded restorations are actually protecting against the side effects of toothaches and damaged teeth.

• Finally, in many dentists’ opinions, bonded natural-colored restoratives are likely to be safer than conventional fillings, since they don’t contain any mercury. Even though the American Dental Association (ADA) states using mercury in metal fillings is harmless, there is an ongoing discussion in the dental industry concerning the unwanted effects of those mercury amalgam fillings. Several of the European countries actually banned using mercury amalgam fillings in order to avoid any kind of risks linked to mercury.

Utilizing a PROACTIVE instead of a REACTIVE approach to amalgam replacement is actually a choice quite a few patients are happy to have Dentistry NW follow.

Dentistry NW
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4.9 out of 5 stars

Pam Otto
Pam Otto

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

I love dentistry NW. They are a caring group of people. I have been going here for over 30 years. Joni is awesome and the rest of the staff is good too.

Teri Kruse
Teri Kruse

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

Dentistry Northwest is hands-down the best dental care I have had in my entire life. Not only are they professional, they are friendly and I feel like family there. Everybody is just fabulous and they take the best care of my family.
One of the things that I appreciate the most is the sense of collaboration in my dental care. My hygienist always has information for me and often times something actually printed for me to take. Dr. Smith is just a character and I enjoy visiting with him if nothing else!
I am older and have had questionable things done to my teeth over the years. Dr. Smith and his staff have brought much of this up-to-date and keep my mouth, teeth and gums as healthy as possible. They are simply the best

L Noble
L Noble

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

I have enjoyed my experience with this dental office for 30 years. As the practice has changed hands, the staff, dentists, and office has remained at an exemplary standard. They hire the best, and perform top tier at industry standards. I enjoy their positive, upbeat style of making the client feel welcomed and relaxed. They always go the extra mile. I enjoy my experience always.

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